Wild Touch for Couples

Combining elements of Tantric Emotional Detox Bodywork, Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork and Fascia (connective tissue) Release.

We’ve called it wild, because it can get wild, writhing and cathartic, inviting you to feel yourself, really feel yourself and often it means feeling things that were too much to feel before, too much to make sense of before, or maybe too much to show before. Wild because it’s confronting you with parts of yourself you hide or hide from. Calls to you to let go wildly, loudly, tenderly uninhibited by what you look like, what you sound like, smell like or by any notion of expectation. All you need is the willingness to soften.

Learn together to renew each other in unexplored and surprising ways.

Irrespective of the story…most of us, to varying degrees hold beliefs, ideas, perspectives, hurts and distorted decisions as contortions in the continuous connective/conductive tissue of our bodies. Whether they are related to our first conclusions about ourselves in relation to the world, so often informed by trauma, or a more recent trial. These tangled, intrinsic tensions continue to form and inform who and how we are in the world. Every moment they influence our perception and how we are being. 

My body has been so tightly bound, deep beneath my BREASTS, my THROAT and JAW, connecting to my PSOAS muscle, PELVIS and PUSSY… my deep core connective tissue became tethered to itself in the contorted shape it took to declare “People are not safe, I… am not safe”…and the myriad of further entanglements, building on that one that glued themselves to each other to match the conclusions I made in response to what life presented me with as a child and slammed me into as a young woman. The resulting perspectives, triggers, beliefs and compulsions for a long time, have not, did not serve me. 

How GENEROUS then… that as an intimate bodyworker of more than 15 years, I am partnered with a man so astute to touch and so willing to learn and touch in the spirit of higher presence, listening and allowing…that I might receive something of what I have given and we both come to know it’s value in relationship? 

So MUCH value we are moved to share from a combination of my life as a bodyworker and from what we have learned together over about four years, something unique, practical, meaningful and real. There is a power and possibility here largely made available by the containment of a relationship where there is sincere desire to better SEE, KNOW and UPLIFT the SELF and the OTHER.

Sexy sincerity, skillfully applied with the intention to serve.

“Often the hands will solve a mystery the intellect has struggled with in vain.”

~ Carl Jung

Because we can, and it is time.

This offering comes from nearly 15 years experience working with men, and women, and four of those years in exploration with my partner. It aims to offer a deepening tool for intimate relationships, for the freedom to communicate in a way that transcends articulation, uplifts, nourishes and even maintains each other, physically and emotionally. Because it works, it helps, it’s useful and we can offer it to each other.

The techniques, practices and principles shared come from knowledge of the connective/conductive tissue network of the body, Fascia Release, Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork, Tantric Emotional Detox Bodywork and Tantra Yoga. Move, shift and open the mind by manipulating this network of all that we have experienced, impressing on it something imbued with good intention, heart light and smiling desire.​

This work is unique and intimate and we will not shy of the body. My partner and I will demonstrate on each other and you will work with your partner.

Includes lunch on both days, useful notes to take home and our support for 3 months for couples applying these processes.

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*10th & 11th July (fully booked)

14th & 15th August 2021

28th &29th August 2021

11th & 12th September 2021

25th &26th September 2021

We only accept 5 couples per group, and we are completely Covid compliant, we do not consider our gatherings a risk, we consider them to be an incredibly valuable space to SHOW UP, especially NOW.

R3500 per person

R7000 per couple 

Cape Town, South Africa

9am to 6pm

All partners welcome, same sex partners, new couples and long term couples
These are small groups and spaces are limited
Advance booking is essential
Please feel free to contact me for more details