Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC)

QEC is a simple technique to permanently change beliefs held in the subconscious.

It uses cutting edge neuroscience, an optimal brain wave state and quantum theory principles to effectively ‘install’ positive, affirming beliefs… for a new outlook with new outcomes.​

You’ve heard it said…Change your thoughts/beliefs, change your reality….but sustained attention is one of the biggest challenges of our time. QEC works at the subconscious level changing the foundations of thoughts we’ve unknowingly been empowering.

The process takes about an hour per subject or related issue.​

You introduce any subject or theme you are presently struggling with or wanting to change, we explore it allowing you to reframe it and together we create the conditions for reaching the subconscious mind, before introducing newly reframed statements.​

The HeartMath institute in California did an experiment in 2003 demonstrating the power of conscious focussed intention to alter the field – they invited healers trained in the Cardiac Coherence exercise to intentionally influence the structure of test tube DNA.

To Summarise – researchers demonstrated that while participants held a state of cardiac coherence ,of gratitude together with focused intention to unwind test tube DNA over a two minute time frame, the DNA was altered – when using Cardiac Coherence alone or intention alone the DNA did not unwind.


An intentional thought needs a catalyst, an elevated emotion, this is heart and mind working together.

” The Power of the Universe will come to your assistance if your heart and mind are in Unity” 

~ Lakota saying

So the quantum field doesn’t respond simply to our aims and thoughts, it responds when those two are aligned. Combining elevated emotion, and conscious intention, we signal the field to respond in new and surprising ways.

QEC recognises also, through the study of epigenetics (external influences on the cell) and psychoneuroimmunology (how perceptions precipitate dis-ease) how attitudes and belief profoundly influence health by modulating gene expression.

Considering that a minimum of one third of all medical healings are attributed to the placebo effect, what percentage of illness and disease might be the result of negative thoughts in the ‘no-cebo’ effect? Perhaps more than we think, especially since psychologists estimate that 70 percent of our thoughts are negative and redundant.

While our world appears to operate in a predictable mechanistic way, when you get down to the basic building blocks of all matter, at the subatomic level, everything is pure energy in a constant state of potential. Quantum physics has discovered that the ‘observer’, you or I, effect this state of potential or ‘wave form’ in different ways depending on the individual by forming a particle in a particular position when observed…where previously there existed only the ‘wave form’ or potential position. This demonstrates what we now understand as ‘intention manifestation’ ……we communicate with the quantum field through our thoughts and feelings…..Thoughts are electrical impulses, emotions are ‘magnetic’. It has been shown that the electromagnetic influence of the mind on realty is very powerful.

Thoughts and beliefs influence not only our physiology but our entire reality.

Until recently neuroscientists believed that the brain was only malleable up to the age of 7, whats now known is that neuroplasticity, the growth and rewiring of neural pathways, can happen throughout life. Neural networks are unique patterns created by millions of interconnected neurons. these pathways join together to form networks that carry our thoughts, actions and reactions. They learned to wire together because they fired together. This neural hard-wiring forms the basis of our ability to learn, such as learning mathematics, poetry or playing an instrument. It is also the hard-wiring for our habitual thinking and behaviour, some of which may well be self limiting.

Dr Joe Dispenza in his book ‘Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself’, says that until the age of 7 the child’s brain absorbs information like a sponge. The brain wave frequency on EEG for the developing brain is as follows:

0-2 Delta Wave (sleeping adult)
2-6 Theta Wave (adult in dream state)
over 7 Alpha or Beta (adult range)

In essence, the young child is in a hypnotic trance, allowing the brain to gather information and form neural pathways without reasoning or logic.

Our earliest influences form our self concept, who we believe we are. This information is stored in the subconscious mind via neural networks throughout the brain and nervous system. We continue to live our lives according to this template, reinforcing those neural pathways and living with fixed beliefs and behaviours.

Neural pathways are also laid down during stressful or traumatic events throughout life, forming a negative or limiting sense of self specific to the traumatic event, for example, becoming phobic or anxious after a severe car accident, or losing trust after a betrayal.

We now know the human brain has the ability to rewire itself and form new connections so the nervous system doesn’t have to keep replaying old programs like fear or mistrust. New neural networks are shown to be created through focused, engaged stimulation. The key says Joe Dispenza is focused attention.

A hormone that promotes neural growth, BDNK (Brain Derived Neurogenic Factor) seals new neurons, this is called ‘Directed Neuroplasticity’ ……whenever we make the brain work differently we are literally changing our mind!

A Gamma Brain Wave state is created in QEC by the combination of Whole Brain Integration and Cardiac Coherence with gratitude.

In a 24hr cycle the communication in our brains goes through four different levels of activity called brain waves. The Gamma state is a 5th level brain wave and it has the highest frequency. Most people have difficulty creating a Gamma state. Chris Walton Psychologist and researcher into Belief Change Process, conducted research projects in 2014, demonstrating Gamma waves (by EEG) in the frontal lobes of participants using the Gamma Brain/Belief Change Technique. The Gamma Brain Technique creates the perfect brain wave signature to reprogram your whole mind and body with new information.

This work confirms the ‘Peak State’ found in the Heartmath Institute subjects whose performance was tested scientifically during the Cardiac Coherence and Focused Intention exercises.

QEC creates new neural pathways and promotes new brain growth. It does so using Cardiac Coherence and Whole Brain Posture to create the Gamma brain waves for installing information into the subconscious mind.


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Quantum physice; Lynne Mc Taggart
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