Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork

The ‘Big Kahuna’ of massage…

This work takes the form of a rhythmic dance over, under and around the body incorporating breath, movement, meditation and intention to facilitate deep intrinsic relaxation and renewal.​

Hawaiian Massage is considered the Big Kahuna of massage as most people, once they have experienced it, describe it as the BEST massage they have ever had, also known as ‘loving hands’ massage Hawaiian Lomi-lomi is a wholly, unique experience.​

Skilful shifting of body weight, continual movement and the spirit of Aloha are essential ingredients.

The process covers the entire body including the belly, chest and head, each stroke forming part of a meditative dance. The giver operates from an understanding and application of Hawaiian/Universal spiritual principles, committing to the acceptance of and celebration of each body and each being.

90 mins R 750     |     2 hrs R 850

Hawaiian language is similar to Sanskrit in that the words have multi-dimensional meanings to describe the nature of reality. Aloha means hello but it also means ‘the breath of God is in our presence’ or the Love of all things is in our breath. It is a gesture of acknowledgment of the light that we truly are and it is this acknowledgement that forms the foundation Kahuna massage.​

In ancient Hawaii, massage or Lomi-lomi was the main form of healing, if you research deeply enough you will discover it was used even to help mend broken bones. The philosophy postulates that any discomfort, misalignment, stress, tension or even injury is a result of incorrect or laden perception. In other words a lack of alignment with your true nature. This happens when we are unable to fully process some of the events and feelings in our lives so that ‘residue’ from these unresolved thoughts, feelings and experiences begins to affect us in the form of repeating negative experiences, physical pain and limitation, fatigue, tension, frustration etc.

Hawaiian massage uses the physical body as an access point to help resolve and shift such ‘residue’ so that we operate from a clearer, more buoyant and less laden perspective. This applies to the body, the mind and the spirit.

The result is greater physical agility, relief from pain, considerably more joy, clarity and personal freedom.

I am graced, always to facilitate positive change in the light of Aloha.​

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United Kingdom and Hawaii