Tantric Bodywork

An essentially somatic journey,
towards greater personal freedom

Women, two hours R 1200   |   Men, two hours R 1800

‘There are often times of reflection that my heart smiles when I think of the enormous gift you gave me that day, freeing me from my mental fears and shackles. Sharing that time with you was just the biggest epiphany. You set my soul free and rekindled my inner woman to run with the wolves once more.”

 ~ Amanda

Just some of the principles this work is based on…​

  • The mind and emotions are represented in the body, the mind, body and emotions are different but not separate.​
  • An event or thought/feeling/belief that you experience as negative, undesirable or stressful, all the way to trauma (physical and emotional) will cause the front body to contract subtly or dramatically, a curling inward, from the core as in the foetal position happens to varying degrees.​
  • Fascia (connective tissue) research reveals deep, intrinsic, subtle contraction of the front body is related to many other structural, postural, sexual and emotional challenges.​
  • Subtle intrinsic contractions create locks and limitations in the connective tissue limiting movement ,flow of current, lymph and blood, and this affects the organs and systems associated as well as general physical ability and agility.​
  • Subtle intrinsic contractions or realities, inform our perception daily.​
  • The inner thighs, pelvis, the belly, diaphragm, rib cage throat and jaw, otherwise known as the Deep Core Line is arguably the most important kinetic line to affect in the direction of greater mental, emotional,  and physical freedom. Most often this area is avoided.​
  • Wildbird Tantra focuses on exploring and releasing the deep core line. The benefits are far reaching, affecting the mind and mental perspective, improving breathing and oxygen intake and often correcting problems that arise from poor movement of lymph, blood and current in the pelvic region.​
  • Palpation and tissue manipulation includes tissue on, around and deep to the pubic bone, and sit bones. I work sensitively and assertively, if you are a man, where sexual arousal occurs there is no embarrassment or strangeness, and this in itself can be very helpful in integrating sexual ideas and sensations in the body with the heart and higher intellect.
  • Subtle intrinsic relaxation allows a brainwave and vibratory quality that better aligns with the heart and that aspect of you that is eternally in communion with Truth. If Tantra had a catchphrase it might be Relax and be Happy, relaxation is at the core of it’s teaching, easier said than done in a world where most of us are completely overstimulated. ​
  • It’s not what you do it’s how you do it, and why.​
  • It is at the bottom of the breath that there is a window of change.

What is Wildbird Tantra?

Tantra, is one transmission of the same essential truth we all yearn for knowingly or unknowingly. It’s thought to be the rogue transmission, mostly out of misuse and misunderstanding, but also, not.

This same essential truth or mystery of life is being pieced together with new findings across fields including neuroscience, Vedic sciences, quantum physics, epi-genetics, molecular biology, archeology, medicine, Gnostic science and so many more. Thousands of books written, documentaries made, people speaking, teachers, studies, and our own experience as part of this great emergence … now allow us to identify as so much more than either an evolutionary consequence or a people created by a god outside of themselves as such. There is liberation in how we can explore ourselves, heal and transform our bodies, our inner subjective reality and our life experience in ways that weren’t previously possible.

Ultimately Tantra is about union between the Divine Masculine (Shiva) and Divine feminine (Shakti) within, and between partners. what it offers are practices that promote a wholesome, happy and wildly fulfilling life, in every aspect. It reveres the Divine Feminine principal as creatrix of all life, it’s teachings invite us to operate from that aspect of ourselves that is synonymous with and of her, the sacred heart.

The Divine Feminine is the concept of ‘no mind’ in meditation or in ecstatic dance for example. She is the Wisdom that is there in the spaces between our thoughts. She is the vastness within and of us. She is the Truth we can be so afraid to hear when we ask our hearts. She is the emptiness that contains all things. She is present in every cell of our bodies…in our shit and in our light. You could say Tantra is the science of aligning with and taking direction from her, you could say Tantra is the philosophy of understanding the reason she is so elusive is because she expresses through you, as you.

She is fluid, expansive and unpredictable.

This Tantric Journey is essentially a somatic process, that can help release resistance to the flow of your own life force, your own shakti toward more enjoyable possibilities for you.

Resistance can be emotions the body is holding onto, areas the body is holding tension, confusion, ideas in the mind and subconscious decisions, pain, even injury believe it or not.

It can be seen as a facilitated somatic meditation or ‘no mind’ practice that naturally brings restoration to your nervous system, lightens your emotional load and brings you more to your own inner knowing, synonymous with the sacred heart and the Divine Feminine.

How I work is simple, I love the temperance and kind of ‘not taking spirituality too seriously’, that Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork has given me. In every moment the breath of Divinity is in our presence, that is literally the meaning of Aloha. We don’t need to get too serious about philosophy when Divinity is right here as we breathe as we knead the body into a surrender that invites you to let go of any resistance to the flow of life through you. It can be as simple as that.​

My work is an unintentional weaving together of primarily Hawaiian Shamanism, Hawaiian Bodywork, Tantra, and Tantric Bodywork principles where the present moment we are working in goes beyond right and wrong…and allows universal intelligence or truth to re-inform us a little and move us to a new perspective. I say unintentional because I don’t mean to declare one like the other necessarily, I only mean to say that having trained in and worked with Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork makes its influence on how I see the body, the attitudes I apply while working, how I adjust the quality of my touch and other elements, an unavoidable natural consequence. I am also strongly informed by various Fascia(connective tissue) Release learning I have taken.

“Often the hands will solve a mystery the intellect has struggled with in vain.”

~ Carl Jung

Mal Weeraratne, author of Emotional Detox, a book about his body based therapy, Tantric Journey, was my teacher. While I was living in London some years ago, we exchanged treatments a few times a month for over a year. We met after I moved into the building where he practiced, this humble little Sri Lankan man, that I was going to learn to trust and love…I was already a bodyworker, with a fair breadth of understanding but I was trapped in the effects of sexual abuse and the resultant poor decision making… Grace led me to Mal, and he altered my life by allowing me to access my joy, to feel the quality of my essential nature beyond my wounding and who I had become…and yoni massage had a role to play.

I’ve been practicing a unique and personal style of intimate bodywork for more than 10 years. My intention is to facilitate an integrative process that doesn’t shy of the body to work with it. I began, essentially because I could, because I found I had the capacity to and because I was met with good people with real problems and the benefit to them was evident.

People I have worked with find me and write to me years later to let me know the positive effect our sessions had on their life. Definitely it took experience, practice and integration, years… to develop the lightness, clarity and comfort I now feel in who I am.

Tantric Massage doesn’t actually come from Tantric or Vedic teachings as such, it is a combining of Eastern philosophy’s heart centred erotic science, with Western somatic approaches to psychology. It first emerged in Germany in the 70’s and since then there have been considerable expansions, variations, progressions and of course, regressions on the concept.

Bodywork that doesn’t shy of the body and is able to, with comfort and neutrality bring attention to the sexual in subtle and direct ways, with awareness and so that all aspects of self and the body are acknowledged has power in it. A big piece of why it is so beneficial and on so many levels is in maintaining the delicate balance of appropriate energy exchange with ease and grace.

Pleasure and the flow of pleasure through the body is important, it extends to an innate sense of pleasure in all areas of life, it is also useful in rippling through the parts of ourselves and our lives we struggle to love, accept or integrate. Feeling our feelings to allow them to pass is also okay, and necessary, whatever it looks like. I apply whatever moves dense frequency to lighter and clearer perspective and coherence and the breath is key. I am not trying to create an experience for you, put something in or take something out.. I’m not engaging you sexually, I simply work comfortably, with integrity, maturity and joy in an integrative way, with all the stuff of the body.​

For women this includes palpation along and around the pubic bone and sometimes internally for the same reason I might work or bring attention anywhere else. Whatever the mechanisms, the tissues of the body, some more than others seem to hold ‘residue’ if you will, of our trauma’s, unprocessed experiences and feelings….and because moving the tissue with clear intention, skill, understanding and respect…is a huge help in ditching stuff that just isn’t useful anymore. Then having an easier time bobbing up to natural buoyancy because there is less pulling you down, or pulling you away from your centre. For men it is very similar, I work on and into the genital/pelvic region as part of an integrative bodywork process. Boundaries are always respected, as we work at the body’s pace.

Trying to figure out and get rid of something we perceive as wrong or unwanted has a way of creating more of it. My role is not to figure anything out. I simply meet your body, the physical expression of your mind and invite it, encourage it and even trick it into letting go.

Sessions may at times include simple guided meditations, movement with breath or elements of Quantum Energy Coaching as we are guided to move, while essentially remaining a touch based treatment. Keeping it real and simple by keeping it with the body since it’s so easy to get lost in the mind. We, you and I, create a space where your innate intelligence is able to arrange things preferably for you.​

While learning how the body relates to the mind and the mystery, I have explored Hawaiian Lomi-lomi or Kahuna massage, Chavuti Thirumal(massage by foot pressure), advanced Hawaiian Bodywork, Structural Integration, Pelvic Heart Integration, Emotional Detox, Tantric Bodywork and Fascia Release.  All inform the way I work irrespective, and offer a broader spectrum of therapeutics to bring into each session.

Tension, mental overactivity, trauma and overwhelm, keep us incoherently trying to solve problems with the same mind that created them. They keep us contracted and disoriented, and the body expresses these tensions. Here, a Tantric Journey is a natural incorporation of Tantric, Shamanic and very practical bodywork tools intended to help orient you towards your centre, relaxing you into your whole body, so that you can navigate more from that aspect of yourself that is rooted in the sacred heart, rooted in the Divine Feminine. No right or wrong,  rather a dance with existence through the filter of the heart.

What my clients say

“Best massage I’ve ever had. Whole body tightness and soreness built up over a long time alleviated.”


“I know what belongs to him, what belongs to me, I am able to speak my truth now with no anxiety, it’s like I’ve gone back to when I was 21 and I knew who I was…”


“Candace is a beautiful intuitive free-spirit. She creates a safe and accepting space where her healing touch is both provocative and calming. She serves with passion and empathy and I felt her light shine deep into me. I left her session feeling inspired and joyful.”


“I am not quite sure how she does it but I came off her table really bouncing and full of life ready to take on the world. The combination of intuitive and visionary body work and deep massage as well as an observation into self makes a potent and heady combination that works deeply to clear wounding one is often not even aware existed.  World class bodywork with a little something for the mind to feed on too.  Deeply nourishing intuitively working on whatever needed to be worked on.”

Adam Suzman, Author of Buddha Bratz

“Candace is incredible. For a head meets heart, complete mind, soul and body massage, I have not experienced the like.”


“I feel like a Unicorn….”


“I can’t believe how different I feel, how is this possible?”


“Thanks for all you have done. The willingness to listen and then use it as a guide to how you approach your sessions.”


 “A profound experience of deep relaxation and wholesome renewal, thank you Candace.”


“Candace is such an amazing soul. I’ve been to a few similar practitioners before meeting Candace, and not to undermine anyone but the experience I had with her was unlike any other. A real gem, who I highly recommend. Besides skill, what I love most about Candace is her sincerity and love. Thank you Candace.”


“You helped me release a river of sadness I couldn’t seem to touch on my own.”


“I now see how far I was from myself, it’s brought me home to my body…”


“There are often times of reflection that my heart smiles when I think of the enormous gift you gave me that day, freeing me from my mental fears and shackles. Sharing that time with you was just the biggest epiphany. You set my soul free and rekindled my inner woman to run with the wolves once more.”



Heartworks Lomi-lomi, Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork, Advanced Hawaiian Bodywork
United Kingdom and Hawaii

Chavutti Thirumal (rope massage by foot pressure) and Thai Massage
India and Thailand

Emotional Detox
United Kingdom

Ipsalu Tantra
Cobra breath initiation
United Kingdom

Taoist Touch Work
South Africa​

Fascia Release and Equine Fascia Release
South Africa