Orange River SUP & Yoga Adventure

for wild at heart women, and now also for the guys!

Spaces are limited to 6 per expedition.

12 Oct – 18 Oct 2021 – Ladies only

23 Oct – 29 Oct 2021 – Ladies only

03 Nov – 09 Nov 2021 – Men & women

14 Nov  – 20 Nov 2021  – Men & Women


“It is in the wild places, where the edge of the earth meets the corners of the sky, the human spirit is fed”

~ Art Wolfe

That being said, this is an invitation to your wild self…Shaking up the spirit of adventure by combining rugged under the stars expedition style SUP (Stand Up Paddling) with yoga and guided meditation.

Beginners of both SUP and yoga, most welcome.​

A never before kind of adventure covering 60 kilometers of the mighty Orange River, surrounded by one of the most striking landscapes Southern Africa has to offer. Imagine paddling 5 days (4 nights), on a freshwater SUP built for easy river paddling and cool rapid handling.

The 5 days on the water are at first a casual meander into a truly awesome environment and swiftly flow into a playful, expanded connection with your body, your mind and your spirit…your whole self celebrating.

This journey will serve as an interruption to our currently established thinking, feeling and being, the intentions, to make space for the new, to connect with and receive nourishment from the Earth and Sun & to expand our capacity for flow.​

A connecting, celebrating, sexy, challenging, gritty, exploration into the wild within and the wild outside…..establishing more the momentum of appreciation as fuel for inspired living.

Go here to see what some other wildbird’s say about it.


5 days guide supported paddling.​

4 nights under the stars with hearty meals by fireside.​

Sleeping out in the open on the banks of the Orange.​

All equipment provided, boards etc.​

2 nights accommodation at base camp.

No experience necessary.​

gentle rapids and one big one to navigate, and an expanse of water to travel standing up on a paddle board that will make you feel like a capable amazonian with surprisingly little effort.

Magnificent morning yoga on the banks of the River.​

Simple clear practices, for greater receptivity to our own unique flow of life.

Coming to yourself to hear your inner voice more clearly by virtue of being in the environment and the activity.

Sharing with other adventurous souls.​

An African Adventure like no other.​

Not included:​

Flights & airport transfers
Visas & departure taxes
Travel to base camp (can be arranged at extra cost)
Travel medicine & insurance

​Spaces are limited for ease, joy and connection, so be sure to book swiftly.

Transport to base camp can be arranged on request, otherwise we meet at base camp on the banks of the river, and the journey begins.

This landscape is magnificent, stark, expansive and completely unplugged, just being there permeates your very being… On a SUP, with some yoga added, it’s a body singing, heart soaring adventure.

Relaxed, rugged and real… come join us.

Orange River SUP and Yoga Adventure

R 9800
South African Citizens

International Visitors

(why the price difference?)

A non-refundable deposit of
R 2450/$190
(approximately 25 percent)
secures your board and your place on this bucket list worthy experience.

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What the wild birds say

“Candace and these retreats magnetically pull in women from around the globe who are wild birds at heart. A beautiful part of the whole experience is how each woman is a part of creating the retreat just by being there and showing up. The space to be yourself with complete strangers who then become darling friends and then sisters is what I didn’t know I needed and is my biggest gift from Candace and my time paddling the incredible Orange River.”

Jamie Hood, USA

“My darling Candace (Billy)…I often sit silently and remember my time on the river with your beautiful soul as my guide. Think of you often with Love and positivity. Till we meet again.”

Samantha Burke, UK

“I never did SUP before and was not sure what to expect, all I knew is that I wanted to get out of my routine and daily issues. I submerge in the breath-taking scenery with rocky mountains with the most beautiful unique shades, sunsets with all the pastel colors, birds, fishes and wildlife along the way. At night the magical surprise….. go and find out for yourself. I found that SUP is my transport of choice, gently working out my body as I propel in this magnificent river, connect with myself, my surrounding and the people in the trip. Feelings of freedom, going back to my roots and finding my inner child having fun in this incredible soul adventure. Hosted by this amazing caring woman ensuring each and all of us gets the most of it. Yoga in the morning, great nutritious food, sleeping under an ocean of stars and waking up for another amazing day with the warmth of morning sun rays. Although the trip ended, this nourishing experience stays forever in my soul. I will definitely come back. Believe in Magic…”

Paula Giusti, Argentina

“I walk a lot, dance a bit and do a smidge of yoga.  Paddling 60+ kilometres down a river on a SUP felt like mission impossible, and camping – that’s something other people do! This whole adventure was very much out of my comfort zone.  But my heart and soul were fractured and exhausted, and the lure of freedom from the hamster wheel of my life was too intoxicating to turn down.  With Candace reassuring me she would make a ‘wild bird’ out of me, we turned up the tunes and headed to the Orange.  The trip was well organised and I felt safe in the experience of both Candace and our guide.  Our guide lead us in a boat packed to the hilt with all the necessities; which included a single change of warm clothes, cool clothes and a sleeping bag.  We had input into the simple but very tasty menu; and very quickly we were all packed up and ready to paddle. Both Candace and our guide were fun and supportive and it was with a light heart that I clambered (knees first) onto my sturdy SUP, and headed down the river. The stillness and beauty of the surroundings (and lack of any mobile connectivity) are balm to the busy mind. I thought I might get bored doing the same thing over and over again; until I realised we’d been paddling for hours; and I hadn’t thought about anything. A pure moment of just being in my body.”

Kim Lyon, Cape Town

“So where to begin with my thankings…
The Orange is one of those soul spaces that knows my true name and has called me gently throughout my life. She has gifted me so very very many things, rivers offer abundance to the land, life giving water in motion, her very existence is a blessing. Every time I had the opportunity to go to the river it was in a very masculine frame, I was there to work, it was physically very demanding and since there are fewer female guides you are mostly surrounded by male colleagues. Your trip gave me the opportunity to dance in those beloved waters for the first time, to give offerings in the way most natural for me without having to feel self-conscious or try and hide away. I got to walk up the most magical river bed surrounded by the mountains of rock that make me feel home and pray out loud for the healing and upliftment of all beings. I got to run over that rocky sandy wonderland, in a game of never really putting your weight in your feet, springing from one point of contact to the next. I sincerely can’t remember the last time I was inspired to run that wasn’t an emergency. I had the opportunity to watch the bats at dusk, listen to the cheeky otters at night and observe our planet turn as the heavens shifted over that great big witches rock. Yoh that spot was powerful. I got to bathe naked in the river. Girl, I got bathe naked in the river right in front of camp, not needing to walk out and away as though it was inappropriate. That was such a gift”

Lina, South Africa