Wild Bird Adventures

Bucket List worthy adventures inviting the outside in and the inside out

These adventures are for everyone, you don’t need to be an experienced yogi, or to have been on a stand up paddle board before, you don’t need to be into meditation or to have spent a certain kind of time in wild places before either. Although… these might have you delightfully grasping the awesome value of the combination immediately.​

We mean for you to expand, expand what you think you are capable of, expand your perception of yourself… and leave you with substantially more joy and vigour than you set out with.​

We invite you to moments of pure gold etched into your very being while having the time of your life.

Be with your favourite people or come along and meet some new ones.

Each adventure is crafted to combine a dynamic blend of playing in the wild, engaging your body, going within and just hanging out in the joy and glory of it.

Each aims to meet you and your body where it is and easily take you further than you thought possible.

The journey gives you valuable time to reflect, let go and imagine, it’s gently woven to bring you to more of yourself, and the spirit of freedom… whoever and wherever you are.

Orange River SUP & Yoga Expedition

This retreat is an invitation to your wild self… shaking up the spirit of adventure by combining rugged under the stars expedition style SUP (Stand Up Paddling) with yoga and guided meditation.

Only two dates, spaces are limited
26 February – 4 March 2021
8 March – 14 March 2021


“It is in the wild places where the edge of the earth meets the corners of the sky the human spirit is fed.”
~ Art Wolfe